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Espa Treatments

Espa Intensive FacialsBack Massage

ESPA Back, Face and Scalp Treatment   £85.00

(1hour 25 minutes)

A truly holistic experience combining a deep cleansing back exfoliation with a powerful back massage using essential oils to soothe, relax and balance. This is followed by an ESPA Intensive Facial tailored to your individual needs and finishes with a therapeutic head massage to help clear the mind, calm the spirit and ease tension.

ESPA Intense Regenerating Facial £65

(55 Minutes)

Visibly diminish wrinkles and fine lines with this powerfully age-defying facial. Instantly effective, naturally renewing formulas combine with restorative massage to noticeably tone, plump and intensely hydrate mature skin. Youthful radiance is awakened and your skin is left feeling beautifully refined, soft and supple.

Espa Facial

ESPA Inner Beauty Facial £65

(55 Minutes)

Deeply cleanse, hydrate and renew with this instant results facial. Tailored to your skin's precise needs, Tri-Active formulas work immediately to transform your complexion while pure aromatherapeutic oils encompass your mind. Skin looks clear, quenched, naturally beautiful, and inner calm is blissfully restored.


ESPA Natural Face Lift £85

(1 Hour & 20 Minutes)

Reveal visibly resilient, healthy-looking, youthful skin.
This specialised facial is the complete approach to skin health using cutting edge pre and probiotic technology combined with the same benefits of physical exercise to detoxify, invigorate, sculpt and relax. Powerful age defying techniques inspired by Japanese Kobido massage, along with stimulating Jade rollers give instant results, leaving the skin firm, lifted and beautifully radiant.

Age Defying FacialESPA Optimal Skin Health Facial £70

(55 minutes)

Visibly revive skin's natural beauty, balance and health. Achieving instant results with long-lasting benefits, this intelligent facial harnesses nature's most potent actives alongside high performance massage to deeply cleanse, refine and hydrate skin. You emerge with a smooth, profoundly nourished complexion, glowing with natural health.


ESPA Advanced Treatments

Espa, Face And Scalp Treatment With Hot Stones  £90.00

(1 Hour 25 Minutes)Hot Stones Massage

A powerful stress releasing treatment using hot stones to work on deep seated tension and restore balance to vital energy points. 

The initial, deep cleansing back exfoliation is followed by the hot stone back massage with essential oils restoring equilibrium to mind and body. Hot stones are placed along spine, shoulders and neck to soothe, relax and harmonise.

The facial includes massage with a deeply nourishing facial oil and the application of an intensive face treatment mask, tailored to your individual needs.  Whilst the mask is taking effect, the Oriental head massage takes place to help clear the mind, calm the spirit and ease tension.  The result is re-hydrated, nourished and soothed skin combined with a sense of deep relaxation.


Espa Ultimate Body Treatments

ESPA Body Wraps – Hydrating or Detoxifying £70

(55 mins)

This therapeutic, balancing and detoxifying treatment involves skin brushing, gentle exfoliation and an algae envelopment rich in minerals which is designed to boost the metabolism and speed up the elimination of toxins.  The treatment includes a full head massage using individually chosen essential oils for total relaxation.

Oriental Scalp MassageESPA Scalp Massage £30.00

(20 mins)


To help relieve tension around neck and shoulders


ESPA Body Treatments

ESPA Inner Calm Massage £65



Quieten your mind, release tension and nourish your skin with this holistic, ultimately restorative experience. Personalised to your physical and emotional needs, carefully chosen aromatherapy blends relax, cleanse or energise, while advanced massage alleviates muscular pressure, soothes anxiety and invokes profound relaxation. Mind and body feel balanced, energy renewed and inner calm beautifully restored.



Espa Total Body Care £90.00

(1hour 40 Minutes)

This all-encompassing treatment commences with full body skin brushing and exfoliation to prepare the skin, leaving it feeling soft and smooth.  This is then followed by a deep body, face and scalp massage using a blend of essential oils chosen to suit individual requirements.

Espa Salt & Oil Scrub £35.00

(25 Minutes)

This exceptional skin softening body exfoliation combines sea salts, nourishing oils and essential oils to leave your skin moisturised, smooth and soft.

Espa Body Specific Treatments

Espa Pre-Natal Relax & Restore Treatment £70.00

Spa stones(1hour 10 Minutes)

This total body treatment has been carefully designed for those who are expecting or have just had a baby. Taking account of all contra-indications, this treatment avoids the use of essential oils and is a luxurious treat using a Calendula infused oil, Pink Clay Mud and various nourishing creams with advanced massage techniques to safe areas. This treatment improves the tonicity and comfort of the skin and creates a sense of total relaxation.

Espa Advanced Body Treatments

Espa Total Body Care With Hot Stones £99.50

(1 Hour 55 Minutes)

Chakras are the seven subtle energy centres in the body which affect our equilibrium and inner harmony. Recognised in both Ayurvedic and Chinese philosophies, blocked and congested Chakras can affect the body and mind both emotionally and physically. Natural energies are stifled and the zest for life is lost or subdued.Life Saving Back Treatment

After a full body exfoliation. The body is massaged using individually tailored essential oils combined with the use of hot stones to release tension. This full body treatment ends with gentle stretching to help release deep-seated tension around neck and shoulders, and leave your body feeling soothed and your spirit calm. The treatment continues with a mini facial & Oriental scalp massage.