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Clarins Treatments

Facial Treatments


Clarins Signature Facial (previously known as Triactive Facials) £72.00

1 hr 10mins

Amazing results driven facials from Clarins that have a long lasting effects on your skin. Ask your beauty therapist for details and try this brand newcutting edge beauty treatment.

Intensive replenishment reactivates the plump, peachy-smooth luminosity of youthful looking skin while contouring and detoxifying massage de-puffs to restore definition to features. The ultimate wake-up call for mature skin.

Dull, tired, stressed skin is intensively detoxified and recharged with a cocktail of antioxidants and super revitalising plant extracts which restore health and radiance. Think multi-vitamin for the skin. The facial Intensively replenishes depleted moisture levels in dry, dehydrated skin which immediately restores softness, suppleness, comfort and radiance. An oasis in the desert that is parched skin.

Oily, congested, dry and dull, dehydrated, sensitive... Whatever your skin condition, this customised treatment will rebalance and coax it back to blooming. The facial freshens and smoothes the face, eye area and décolleté. Targets signs of tiredness and stress, to leave you looking much more rested. Superb quick-fix results after work or a late night.

Clarins Signature Facial with Back Massage £87

1 hour and 30 mins

Aromatic Balancer £45.00

45 mins 


Oily and congested, dry and dull, dehydrated or sensitive… Whatever your skin condition, this customised treatment will rebalance and coax it back to blooming. Our natural beauty secret... the potency of Clarins renowned 100% pure plant facial oils, which are prescribed according to your skin type and contain, amongst others, essential oils of Sandalwood, Lotus and Blue Orchid. At home: Clarins Aroma-Phyto Skin Care.

Beauty Sleep £72          
Just like a good night’s sleep?

1hr 10mins

Feeling stressed, exhausted, lack of sleep? The Beauty Sleep treatment is a restorative ‘journey’ for the mind, senses and skin helping renew the skin and induce a deep state of relaxation. This relaxing head-to-toe face and body treatment uses the best of CLARINS skincare and includes breathing techniques to promote tranquility and calmness. After the treatment you will look and feel rested, stress levels will be reduced and sleep quality will improve.

Rise & Shine £72

Boost your mood and lift your spirits Lack of energy, feeling run down and stressed? This revitalizing treatment includes a stimulating body massage and a reviving facial to leave your skin radiant and dewy. You will feel recharged, invigorated and ready to take on the day (or the evening!) ahead.

1hr 10mins

Clarins Signature Body (previously know as Tri Active Body) £72.00Clarins Massage

1hr 10 mins

A bespoke personalised body treatment consisting of a skin refining exfoliation followed by a massage using a luxurious body mask mixed with specific oils tailored to your needs.  Think of this as an all in one body experience that must not be missed.


Rebalancing Massage “Relax/Tonic” £63.00

1 hour

Rebalancing massage treatment

Whether you choose the Relax or Tonic essential oils you will receive a bespoke sequence of movements working on muscular knots, tensions and pressure points.  Restoring vitality and flagging energy levels or enhancing a deeper level of relaxation.





Clarins Hot Stone Massage £65.00Melting Honey Hot Stone Massage

55 mins

A deeply relaxing and uniquely personalised hot stone massage that gently releases tensions, soothes aching muscles, eliminates toxins and calms mind and body.  The therapist uses her hands in harmony with 9 smooth individually shaped heat releasing marble and slate stones.  Intensified by melting honey massage gel rich in relaxing aromatic essential oils.


So Natural Self Tanner £60.00Tanning

60 mins

This crème de la crème of self tanning treatments for face and body includes a deeply pampering massage and gives skin a gorgeous, long-lasting, glowing, golden colour that looks as natural in winter as it does in summer – and you can even get dressed immediately (N.B. Loose clothing essential)

At home: Clarins Self Tanners.



4 mins £4.40 - 6 mins £6.60 - 8 mins £8.80

Buy 5 and get one free - 6 mins sessions £33.00 8 mins £44.00

Buy 10 sessions get 3 free - 6 mins £66.00 8 mins £88.00

Buy 20 sessions get 5 free - 6 mins £132.00 8 mns £176.00

Now offering the St Tropez Tanning System

Manual Spray Tan £24.00

The St. Tropez Tan treatmentg gives a rich bronze result which lasts for days. Professionally applied by an expert and taking no less than 15 minutes, you can expect flawless results. And with St. Tropez's innovative fragrance technology Aromaguard the distinctive self tan aroma is eliminated by a minimum of 70% so you smell as good as you look.


Treatments for Men


Skin blitz Facial £53.00

(50 mins)

Shaving bumps and irritation, stress and tiredness, greyness and congestion… Whatever life has hit your skin with, this super-relaxing bespoke facial will target and treat it. Your face will look and feel refreshed, healthy and smooth.
At home: ClarinsMen Skin Care.Massage for men


Muscle Ease Body Massage £60.00

(55 mins)

Whether you’ve overdone it at the gym or work, this intensely therapeutic massage eases tense shoulders, back knots and aches. Aromatic essential oils supercharge the stress-relieving benefits, restoring your sense of well-being.
At home: Clarins Relax Body Treatment Oil


Mother-to-be and New-Mum TreatmentSpa treatments for pregnant women


Pampering Face & Body Treatment £65.00

60 mins

Pure indulgence for face and body, adapted to your pre and post-natal stage of pregnancy and how you look and feel. Eases backache, fluid retention, stress, fatigue and tired legs, as well as improving skin tone and elasticity. Afterwards, you'll feel energized and wonderfully relaxed, with baby-soft skin. Our natural beauty secret... Clarins universally acclaimed Tonic Body Treatment Oil, which helps to prevent the appearance of stretch marks.

At home:
Clarins Smoothing Body Scrub
Clarins Stretch Mark Control
Clarins Tonic Body Treatment Oil
Clarins Bust Beauty Care
Clarins Energizing Emulsion For Tired Legs



Make-Up One-to-One    £55.00


Trying different colours and application techniques under expert guidance will help you achieve a fresh and flattering new look.
Whether you want a whole new make-up look or ideas for a special occasion, prepare to be inspired.

Make-Up To Go £38.00


Book in for an express make-up where you choose the shades from our latest colour collections and head back to work or out for the evening looking gorgeous.