Rod Stewart Tribute

Rod Stewart Tribute

Raising Money for “Elimination of Leukaemia”

An excellent evening at the London Beach Hotel with £2,125.00 donated back to the “Elimination of Leukaemia” Charity – another amazing event organised by Sandra & Linda with a delicious 3 course dinner, an excellent performance and dancing.

Jonathan Edmonds presenting a cheque for £2,125.00

Jonathan Edmonds presenting a cheque for £2,125.00







Excellent food, great music and good fun

Excellent food, great Music and good fun









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Charity donations in February 2015

Charity Donations in 2015

February Charity Donations

The charity donations under the London Beach Total Food Spend Charity Scheme in February came to £6,651.80. Sandhurst Primary did very well with our top donation this month at £1,400.75 and the supporters enjoyed our new and thoroughly delicious Sunday Carvery. Such a pleasant and easy way to raise money for your school!
Charity donations in February 2015








January Charity Donations

The Ashford Mayor, John Link, raised an amazing £2,665.55 which was donated back by London Beach as a result of the wonderful Burn’s Night celebration, well done!

Burn's Night Celebration at London Beach

It’s good to see supporters of the Kent Air Ambulance back again as well.

Charity Donations in January 2015










Total Charity Donations in 2015

The total of charity donations so far in 2015 to both charities & local clubs is £15,397.35. Last year’s total for 2014 was £144,004.35 so we have a long way to go to beat that. Your favourite charity or club could benefit – call 01580 766279 for the hotel reception to find out more or click the link below to visit our website
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Burn's night

Charity fundraising in 2015

Charity Fundraising Scheme – January Donations 2015

The London Beach charity scheme is off to a sound start with £8,745.55 donated to charities in January including £2,665.55 to the Ashford Mayor’s charities as a result of the wonderful Burn’s Night celebration. The Kent Air ambulance received £1,297.50 as a result of a lunch at London Beach Hotel.

To find out more about the London Beach Charity Scheme click here.  Come and enjoy a Sunday Carvery, Lunch, afternoon tea or dinner & a show and the total food cost excluding drinks will be donated back to your chosen charity or club.

Or come for a charity golf day with friends click here.

Burn's night

Burn’s Night at London Beach

Charity donations in January 2015

Donations to Charity 2014 donations 2011-2014

Donations to Charity in 2014

Total of the Donations to Charity in the last 4 years

Donations to charity reached an amazing £144,004.26 in 2014 and the total donated in the last 4 years since 2011 is now £413,408.26

this has been made possible by the London Beach Charity Scheme in association with Savannah Charitable Trust

To find out how your good cause could benefit from the Charity Scheme Click Here

donations 2011-2014






Donations to charities reached £21,155.80 during Dec 2014. The Health Club Weight Loss Challenge did particularly well for this short 5 week pre-Christmas session. The next one starts this Thursday 15th January at 7 pm.

Charity Donations in December 2014

Charity Donations in December 2014

Charity Donations Kent Air Ambulance

Charity Fundraising Events

Charity Fundraising Events at London Beach Hotel this weekend

Fundraising for charity using the London Beach Charity Scheme where the total amount of money spent on food is donated back to the charity or club. Find out more

Kent Air Ambulance

Fundraising for Kent Air Ambulance

St Mary's Church, High Halden

Fundraising for St Mary’s Church High Halden











Today (Friday 7th November) – Seven Members of the Friends of St Mary’s are having lunch and the total (£153.15) will be donated back to the church.


Saturday 8th November – Tull Sports have organised a golf day to raise funds for the Kent Air Ambulance.  Approx fifty-three golfers will take part with approx. £1,855 being donated back.

Saturday 8th November – Mike Dewdney from Tenterden Tigers has organised a dinner dance to raise funds for the club.  59 parents and friends will enjoy a three-course meal and music, approx. £1,944.05 will be donated back to the club.

Fundraising for Tenterden Tigers

Fundraising for Tenterden Tigers


October charity donations

Charity Donations in October

Charity Donations of £16,563.20 in October 2014

The London Beach Hotel in association with the Savannah charity trust has donated back £16,563.20 to charities and clubs under the London Beach scheme. The total food spend at events is donated back under this scheme. To find out more please visit this link or call the hotel on 01580 766279

October charity donations

Charity Donations in October 2014

Military Wives Choir

Charity Fundraising Lunch

Charity Fundraising Sunday Lunch

A wonderful afternoon with a superb lunch followed by a musical interlude with the Military Wives Choir followed by Jo Appleby singing opera and show songs.

The charity fundraising lunch was for the Mayor of Ashfords charities and £2,721.85 was donated back by London Beach under their special charity scheme. The raffle also raised £400 and a number of people paid a £1 per name inthe “Name the Bear competition” for the prize of a very large ornamental bear.

Everyone enjoyed the sing along to the old songs from the first world war and also the special “Land of Hope & Glory”

Organised by the amazing Sandra & Linda the event was a great success.

Jo Appleby performing

The wonderful Jo Appleby

Charity fundraising

Donation of over £2700 to Mayor’s charity


Military Wives Choir

Opera with Jo Appleby

Professional opera singer Jo Appleby

To find out more about the charity fundraising scheme

To talk to someone about organising an event for your club or charity call 01580 766279 or go to our website to find out more

Charity Sunday Lunch