Charity donations Autumn 2015

The London Beach Charity Scheme continues to help charities & local clubs

£17,478.80 has been donated back in September and £10,920.70 in October. This means that an amazing £135,586.64 has been donated back in the total food spend scheme this year so far with 2 months left to go.

Lunches, dinners, golf days and other functions have been used by charity supporters to raise funds while enjoying a social event and delicious food at London Beach.

If you would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity please call 01580 766279 or visit our website ://


Charity Donation to Tenterden Day Centre

Supporters of Tenterden Day Centre receive a cheque for £1,996 after enjoying a delicious Sunday Lunch at London Beach

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Tenterden Scouts receive a donation

Tenterden Scouts receive a donation


Why not enjoy a Mid week Lunch at London Beach and raise money for charity with our fantastic offer – see below.

Charity Midweek Lunch

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