Donations to charity in 2014 Donations in 2014

£50,000 has been donated to charities in 2014

£319,081.73 has been donated to charities by

London Beach Charity Scheme from 2011 till the end of June 2014


The London Beach Charity Scheme has donated back £49,677.82 to charities and clubs in the first six months of 2014 from January till June. With over £121,000.00 donated last year we have quite a long way to go if we are to beat the 2013 figure.

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Donations in 2014

Donations from January to June 2014

charity donations 2011 - 2014

Charity donations in July 2014

July donations to charities & clubs – £8,458.00

Donations to charities & local clubs reached £8,458.00 in July 2014. This came from many different events held at London Beach including lunches, afternoon teas, Sunday Lunches, dinners and golf society days.

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Charity donations in July 2014

London Beach Donations to Charities in July 2014

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