Charity donations reach £4,280.05 so far in May 2014

Good catch19 supporters of Ashford Sea Cadets enjoyed Sunday Lunch at the London Beach and received a donation of £385.60 from the charity scheme.

A dinner dance organised by Homewood School & 6th form college resulted in £1,300.00 being donated back to the school. 27 supporters of Tenterden Mens Veterans Association and 42 from Tenterden Youth Project both enjoyed a dinner at London Beach, receiving £70.00 and £1,050.00 respectively.

Tenterden Women’s Institute enjoyed cream teas and received £136.50. Tenterden Anglers had a fishing competition and received £60.00. 13 members of Goudhurst WI organised a Lunch with £190.00 donated back. Kent Fire Fighters Museum organised a Golf Day and £887.95 will be donated back.

fishing competition

So far in May £4,280.05 has been donated to these charities & clubs.


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